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Knud Jacob Knudsen

Knud Jacob Knudsen


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Knud is head of the construction group in Oslo, and has for many years assisted builders, contractors and engineers in all phases of construction projects from the tendering process to the final settlement. He has in-depth knowledge of the Norwegian standard contracts for construction and engineering work. In addition to traditional construction contracts, Knud is familiar with target price contracts, joint ventures and partnering contracts.

Knud is also an experienced litigator, and has argued a large number of cases before the district courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court, as well as arbitration panels both in Norway and in Paris under ICC Rules. Knud was admitted to the Supreme Court in 2004.

Legal 500' sources state that Knud is "a perfect communicator."

Knud is a member of the civil procedure group at the Lawyers’ Education Center, and is a regular lecturer on civil procedure.

Knud is appointed as CSR responsible partner in Arntzen de Besche. 



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