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Elisabeth Eriksson

Elisabeth Eriksson

Senior Lawyer

Curriculum Vitae

Elisabeth Eriksson is part of the M&A department at Arntzen de Besche. She has broad and extensive experience in the area of business law and her work is particularly focused on issues pertaining to financial regulation, as well as corporate law and transactions. 

Within the area of financial regulation, Eriksson assists financial institutions, such as banks, investment firms and various fund structures, on an ongoing basis, with issues relating to framework conditions, organisation and corporate governance, and business development, among other areas. 

On the transaction side, Eriksson has assisted in a number of sizeable stockholder and business transactions, in addition to multiple restructuring processes. She also has comprehensive experience in general corporate law and has provided ongoing counselling in this area. 

In addition to many years’ experience as a lawyer, she has held the position of Chief Compliance Officer in an investment firm and has thereby acquired operational experience from the industry. 

Eriksson is a member of the Norwegian Bar Association’s law committee for banking, finance and currency.



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