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Arntzen de Besche assists Stiftelsen SINTEF

Arntzen de Besche assists Stiftelsen SINTEF in the merger of Norsk Marinteknisk Forskningsinstitutt AS (Stiftelsen SINTEF owns 56 %) and SINTEF Fiskeri og Havbruk AS (Stiftelsen SINTEF owns 96 %) as well as in the transfer of one of Stiftelsen SINTEF’s departments to the merged entity.

The name of the merged entity will be SINTEF Ocean AS and the entity will have about 340 employees and a turnover of approximately 500 million. SINTEF’s ambition is to strengthen its position as a world leading research community within marine technology and biomarine research.

Arntzen de Besche’s team is led by Steffen G. Rogstad, assisted by Jon Martin Atkinson, Erlend Solberg, Kristin Wisth and Stein Ove Solberg.