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Contribution to "Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2019"

Espen I. Bakken, Frida May Behrens and Anne Eidem Liseth have contributed with the Norwegian chapter in "Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2019". The chapter includes a summary of the most important regulations for public procurement, in a Norwegian context.

Some of the issues discussed in the chapter are the procurement procedures used in Norway, and what requirements the contracting authority can make to tenderers for participation in the competitions. Furthermore, the chapter discusses what requirements the regulations set for the contracting authority’s implementation of competitions and how tenderers can pursue the contracting authority's conduct of competitions.

To read the Norwegian chapter, please click here.

Authors:  Espen I. BakkenFrida May BehrensAnne Eidem Liseth
Year: 2019
Publication: "Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2019"
Publisher: Chambers and Partners