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Chapter in The Merger Control Review

Arntzen de Besche has written the Norwegian chapter in the fourth edition of the book "The Merger Control Review"

Mergers and acquisitions (‘concentrations’) are subject to control under Chapter 4 of the Norwegian Competition Act of 5 March 2004 No. 12 (‘the Competition Act’). More detailed provisions on notification requirements are provided in the Regulation on notification of concentration of 28 April 2004 No. 673 (‘Regulation on Notification’) and the Regulation on Partial Exceptions from the Rule on Suspension of Concentrations of 9 March 2009 No. 0292 (‘Regulation on Exceptions’). The Norwegian Competition Authority (‘the NCA’) has also issued best practices for merger control proceedings and guidelines on notifications of a concentration. Relevant legislation and guidelines are available in English on the NCA’s webpage.

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Authors: Thea Susanne Skaug and Janne Riveland
Published: 2013
Publisher: Law Business Research