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The Norwegian Government presents updated plans for the energy sector: Offshore wind and hydrogen central new components in green transition


On Friday 11 June 2021, the Norwegian Government approved a long-awaited white paper. The document is titled “Putting Energy to Work”,  and contains the most recent and updated policy plans for the energy sector in Norway. Among the initiatives is a novel “Roadmap for hydrogen”.  

Further, and particularly noteworthy, are the plans for development of offshore wind on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (the “NCS”). To that end, in addition to the white paper, the Government issued proposals for amendments to the Offshore Energy Act 2010 and the Offshore Energy Regulation. Further, a guidance to the application processes was issued.  

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy sees the following as the near-to-mid-term future for the Norwegian energy sector, with 2021-2030 as the horizon: 

A link to the government press release can be found here.

The immediate reactions to the white paper have been reasonably positive. Parliamentarians, organizations, academics and business will scrutinize and debate the presented white paper in the weeks and months to come.  Arntzen de Besche is looking forward to participating in this process. 

About the white paper format: A white paper is primarily a plan. Without corresponding decisions by the Government or Parliament, little changes with immediate effect. A white paper can nonetheless set in motion extensive debate. Further, its handling in Parliament often results in parliamentary decisions and requests that are binding and sets the course for the detailed regulation and hard policies to come.