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Strengthened commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Arntzen de Besche has become sponsor of Sykehusklovnene and is the only Norwegian law firm that is a member of the UN Global Compact program.

Corporate Social Responsilibity (CSR) is mainly about taking social and environmental considerations beyond those required by law. Arntzen de Besche has for a long time been social responsibility and is also Eco-lighthouse Certified.

To increase efforts on CSR, we have recently become sponsor of Sykehusklovnene, the Norwegian division of The European Federation of Hospital Clown Organization, where we annually contribute with financial support and pro-bono legal advice to the organization. Sykehusklovnene is a nonprofit organization consisting of a group (30) of professional artists who specialize in working with children in hospitals. The main goal is that all children hospitalized will receive visits from hospital clowns. The clowns contribute to positive experiences and breathing space for children, youth and their families in otherwise challenging circumstances. The clowns visit today close to fiftheen Norwegian hospital.

Arntzen de Besche has, as the only Norwegian law firm, joined the UN Global Compact program. This means that we support the program’s ten principles.:

UN Global Compact is working to increase the awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility for all the world's businesses and currently includes more than 8,000 companies from 145 countries.

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