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Skift - Climate Business Leaders

Arntzen de Besche is a proud member of the organization Skift - Climate Business Leaders. Skift is a business-driven member organization aiming to be a driving force for big emission cuts, and a positive, solution-oriented voice in the public climate debate.

The members cooperate in a number of projects where we see a bigger potential through cooperation. The goal is to make Norway a showcase for the solutions to the climate emergency. This will help provide both wealth, meaningful jobs and a better world. We believe that our unique competence will make us a valuable contributor in Skift, and that we will benefit a lot from participating in such an assertive network.

We are convinced that businesses will have to make large adaptations in terms of emission cuts, climate change and a circular economy in the near future, and that those willing to take the first steps will learn the most.

For more information, you can contact our focal point in the network, partner Svein Terje Tveit

See more information about Skift at their website.