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Powerful progress at Legal 500 2021

The renowned legal rating agency Legal 500 has published the results from its 2021 edition. We consolidate our position as one of Norway’s leading law firms and are rated in 19 of 19 practice areas. We obtain Tier 1 and Tier 2 ratings within 13 practice areas. 44 of our lawyers have been recognized within their respective areas of expertise.

Legal 500 has, based on interviews with the law firms’ client and their own research, rated the best law firms and lawyers within nineteen practice areas in Norway. 

We are rated in Tier 1 or 2 within the following practice areas. 

Additionally, we obtain strong results within Electricity and Renewable Energy, Fishery and Aquaculture, Corporate recovery and Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Maritime Law and TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications).


Legal 500 research nineteen practice areas in Norway and has listed the lawyers they recognize to be the best within each practice area. The fortyfour lawyers in Arntzen de Besche recognized in the 2021 edition are:  

Hans Henrik Kværne, Anders Dyrseth, Anders Rødland, Andreas Nordby, Christian Backe, Christopher Hestnes, Eilif S. Koch, Erlend Solberg, Espen I. Bakken, Eyvind Sandvik, Frode Martin Toftevåg, Henrik Braavold Johansen, Håvard Sandnes, Ingeborg Moen Borgerud, Joar Grimsbu, Jon Gresseth, Jon Martin Atkinson, Karl Erik Navestad, Karl Rosén, Knud Jacob Knudsen, Knut Martinsen, Knut-Marius Sture, Lars Horgen Hinze, Linn Kvade Rannekleiv, Marianne Lind Sahl, Mira Tengesdal Torstenbø, Odd-Harald Wasenden, Ole Skeidsvoll Moe, Per A. Dagslet, Per Kristian Ramsland, Pål Sveinsson, Rune Omdal, Rune Tjomsås Andersen, Siril Visnes, Stein Knut Tonning, Stein Ove Solberg, Stian Heimdal, Svein Terje Tveit, Sven Iver Steen, Terje Granvang, Thomas Øslebø, Tommy Dahlen, Trond Kildal and Vidar Løhre


We are very pleased to see that seven of our lawyers are rated in the category Next Generation Partner. Lawyers ranked in this category has up to five years experience as partner and have received significant recognition from clients and peers in the market. The partners in Arntzen de Besche that are rated in this category are: 


The results of the survey are partially based on interviews with our clients. We are grateful for the feedback our clients have provided to Legal 500. Some of the feedback from this year’s edition are: