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International Negotiation Competition 2017

International Negotiation Competition (INC) has since 1998 arranged international negotiation competitions between law students. This year the competition was held i Oslo during June 27th through July 1st.

Around 30 nations were represented with a total of 150 -170 participants including students, coaches and managers. The organizers of INC 2017 were the Norwegian Association of Lawyers, the University of Oslo, JUS, ELSA Norway, the Dispute Resolution Forum and Arntzen de Besche.

The event took off with presentations by international experts among others Ron Shapiro (USA), Terje-Rød Larsen (USA) and Erlend Haaskjold from Arntzen de Besche in a Master Class of various issues related to international negotiations.

The following negotiation competition was won by USA 1 represented by Brian Kennedy and Briana Al-Taquata. Rune Omdahl and Kåre I. Moljord were among the judges in the competition.

The goal of the competition is for the students to develop negotiation skills and to network in an international environment. The final part of the event was the Awards Dinner at Nobel Peace Center.


Photo: Torgrim Halvari