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Arntzen de Besche achieves strong results in the IFLR 1000 rankings

The results from the rating agency IFLR 1000 are clear: Arntzen de Besche is ranked in Tier 2 in all areas, and 16 lawyers are ranked as one of the best in their field – which equates to a 5th place in the industry.

The rating agency which has ranked law firms since 1990 is today one of the most recognized rankings in the legal industry. Arntzen de Besche is ranked in Tier 2, which is the second highest level, in all areas of the ranking: Banking and Finance, Capital Markets: Debt, Capital Markets: Equity, M&A, and Project development. 

- Our focus on strengthening Banking and Finance, M&A and Capital Markets has among other things resulted in better results in the rankings, as well as constantly taking new market share. We are working on some of the largest and most complex projects in Norway in a number of industries and disciplines, which IFLR 1000 recognizes, says managing partner, Håvard Sandnes. 

16 lawyers with strong individual results 

An important part of the ranking is the list of which lawyers are the best in their fields. In total, 16 of our lawyers are featured on the list this year. 

Those who reap recognition are; Jon Martin Atkinson, Espen I. Bakken, Per Dagslet, Rune Haglund, Lars Horgen Hinze, Henrik Braavold Johansen, Trond Kildal, Vidar Løhre, Marianne Lind Sahl, Wenche Maartmann-Moe, Rune Omdahl, Anders Rødland, Reidar Smedsvig, Atle Stensrud, Pål Sveinsson and Siril Visnes. 

- Our clients are always our top priority, but it is nice to see the recognition we receive in this ranking. It is particularly pleasing to see that many of our new partners in recent years achieve strong results individually, concludes Sandnes. 

You can read more about our results here.