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Arntzen de Besche - Leading in the Norwegian high yield bond market

Arntzen de Besche has contributed with the article «Norwegian high yield bonds» in the publication "Energy and Resources Financing: A Practical Handbook». The article addresses some features and characteristics of the Norwegian high yield bond market and provides an overview of the main players and the process within the Norwegian high yield bond market.

The Norwegian high yield bond market is an important source of financing, not only for Norwegian issuers. In addition to the growth in the number of international issuers, the market is also seeing new issuers beyond the traditional offshore, shipping and oil service industries making use of the bond market. Bonds often serve as a source of financing on a stand-alone basis, but we also see bonds and senior bank debt successfully used in combination, with bondholders and banks sharing the same security package, but with the super senior status of the banks being regulated by inter-creditor agreements.

Arntzen de Besche assists issuers, the Nordic Trustee, investors, banks and investment banks in all legal aspects relating to the issuance, restructuring and refinancing of Norwegian high yield bonds. We have a long track record within the traditional areas of bond financing, but our lawyers have also played an important role within the newer areas of bond financing, such as the use of bonds for private equity acquisitions/LBOs and real estate players.

The article is published in “Energy and Resources Financing: A Practival Handbook”, Globe Law and Business 2015.

Author has been Hege Dahl.