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Transport and Aviation

We provide legal advice and assistance to those engaged in all aspects of the transport sector. This includes cargo and passenger transport by air, ship/ferry, road and rail. Our lawyers know the regulatory frameworks and actual conditions applicable to the transport sector and are therefore well equipped to provide the best legal advice and services to all those involved.

We assist companies in their day-to-day operations and in connection with major processes such as mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance issues and restructuring. We have extensive experience of multinational financing transactions involving aircraft registered in Norway, and assist airlines, international enterprises and financial institutions with such agreements. Our employment law specialists help major public transport companies with matters relating to employment and pensions.

Whether you are a vendor or a purchaser, our public procurement specialists provide sound advice and assistance in the area of public transport. We guide you through the whole process from framing the tender, submitting bids and, if necessary, pursuing complaints procedures or litigation before the courts with regard to the award or performance of contracts. We are regularly engaged to handle issues relating to government subsidies in the transport sector and the framework for PSO compensation in public contracts relating to the transport of both passengers and cargo by sea and passenger transport by bus. The transport sector faces competition law issues relating to market dominance, access to infrastructure and cartels. We have been involved in a number of mergers and acquisitions within the transport sector that have ultimately been approved by the competition authorities.
Our attorneys have extensive experience of all types of distribution contracts, and can help you with all the associated commercial and competition law issues. We can also help you frame robust agreements covering the transport of passengers and cargo. We have in-depth knowledge of the vehicle sales and service business through numerous assignments, including franchise and distribution agreements, etc.
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