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Stock Exchange and Securities Law

We help you to feel legally secure on the stock exchange. We work together with our clients to deal with issues related to public offerings, equity issues, ownership and management of securities.

Our lawyers assist both Norwegian and international listed companies, investors and securities firms.

Extensive experience and large pool of specialists

Our lawyers have experience from both the stock exchange and the public sector, and use their knowledge and experience to benefit our clients.

This background has given us both a large network and good insight into how both governmental authorities and market players think.

We help you onto the stock market

For public offerings, we work with you to develop a clear strategy to ensure that the listing goes as easily and quickly as possible. We assist with formulating your prospectus and help ensure statutory compliance.

A solid organisation

For listed companies, we help you develop a solid organisation. Clients come to us to establish and follow procedures, make good deals and organise their business in line with regulations.

In cooperation with our tax lawyers, we ensure that you are in the best possible tax position, with a sound capital base.

Team of specialists

To give our clients the best possible assistance, we put together interdisciplinary teams of specialists.

For example, our stock exchange lawyers work with the M&A group, and offer advice on owning and trading financial instruments. This includes relations with authorities, stock exchanges and other players in the financial sector.

As our client, it means that you can be certain that our team can advise you on any legal challenge.

How we can help

We have helped many clients with the following types of assignments:

Our lawyers have special expertise in:

Contact us - when you need legal advice and assistance.

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