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Renewable Energy and Climate Law

We offer assistance in all legal aspects of climate regulations, renewable energy and the environment.

Our focus is on industry knowledge and solution-oriented advisory services.
We are – and strive to be – a strategic partner for our clients.

New requirements

Increased national and international political attention on the environment and climate issues means that an increasing number of businesses are affected by new regulations and are facing new challenges.

Many legislative initiatives come from the EU, which means that more Norwegian businesses will have a need for sector-specific expertise as well as specialists in EU/EEA law.

Emissions caps and trading systems

We advise our clients on mandatory emissions caps and trading systems as well as other market-based instruments for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

We assist our clients in questions regarding double measures and latitude with regard to compensation models for competitive sectors.

Renewable energy

In the field of renewable energy, we offer advisory services for hydropower, planning for wind, solar and district-heating projects, bioenergy plants and more.

We also provide assistance with concession applications and appeals procedures.

In addition, we provide assistance in matters relating to:

• Support for renewable-energy projects
• Financing of renewable-energy projects
• Agreement negotiations
• Network and infrastructure
• Technology sharing
• Licensing agreements

Environmental law

Our advisory services in environmental law are focused on issues related to pollution and pollution permits. This includes emissions to the air, water or ground, as well as related questions of liability.

Environmental issues can arise in connection with the start-up, reorganisation or closure of a business, land planning, transfer of property and more.

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