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Private Equity and Asset Management

Our lawyers combine business acumen with the ability to find the best legal solutions.

We work with the financial institutions, companies and other borrowers, government authorities and Norwegian and international law firms to solve financial legal issues. 

Our lawyers have experience from both the private and public sectors, as employees, directors and audit committee members in banks, other financial institutions and investment firms, as well as from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and the Oslo Stock Exchange.


Our expertise extends to all law that involves financial activities and instruments, including:

Clients appreciate our professionalism

We work with some of the largest players in the banking and finance sector. According to Legal 500, we give “impeccable advice” to Norwegian and foreign banks. Chambers cite sources that say we are “extremely strong on oil and gas-related financing”.

We have experienced a growing number of increasingly complex banking and finance cases – and our ambitions grow in step with the client confidence.

International network

Our network spans from international financial institutions to national regulatory authorities and leading international law firms.

Financial legal issues are often international matters. Our extensive network enables us to think globally – to the benefit of clients.

We have a global perspective.

Initiative and integrity

We take the initiative and propose solutions that benefit you.

We will never give you anything you don’t need: our lawyers will always act with integrity.

Contact our finance team for sound advice

We are accessible, efficient and innovative. We work together with you to find profitable and practical solutions to your legal challenges. 

Asset management

Almost no sector is as heavily regulated as asset management. But it is not enough just to know the rules. Our lawyers also know what is happening in the market – and with the authorities. Some of them have served as executive board members and control committee members.

We solve legal challenges for investment groups, private equity companies and all other kinds of investors who are looking to invest their capital. We represent a number of large, Norwegian private investors.

We work with our clients to create conditions for development and growth.

We know the authorities and financial market players

Good legal work requires a detailed knowledge of asset management regulations. If the legal foundation is not in place, there is a greater risk of making mistakes.

That alone does not guarantee a good result. It is also important to know how political bodies and the private parties think – today and tomorrow. 

Integrity to say no

You will not get very far without integrity.

This value gives us strength as a law firm and our clients know that we are working in their interest.

New business models gave us knowledge

The financial crisis changed everything. What used to be profitable is not necessarily profitable today. The right strategy has changed dramatically in many cases.

We are helping to develop new and sustainable business models. This experience gives us in depth knowledge.

Insight from two perspectives

Our lawyers have served on the boards of directors and control committees and have experience from commercial banks, securities firms, funds and investment companies.

We also have lawyers with background in the Norwegian Banking Law Commission, Norwegian Ministry of Finance, Financial Supervisory Authorities of Norway, and the Oslo Stock Exchange.

When private and public insight is combined, we can attack legal issues from two angles. Our clients are given a competitive advantage.

Business acumen and good government relations

Many choose us as legal counsel when they need to place significant assets. We have experience in operational work in the industry and a good understanding of government regulatory work, and the strategy of the investors.

As our client, we will work with you to establish a secure and stable framework so you can create value.

Contact us - when you need legal advice and assistance.

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