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Pension Law

We are a leading provider of legal assistance for pensions law. Our team has broad expertise in pension law and is composed of lawyers with experience in employment law, insurance, finance and tax law. We have extensive experience in providing assistance to insurance companies, pension funds, insurance brokers, employers and pensioners.


Our lawyers negotiated one of the biggest pension restructurings in recent Scandinavian business history.

An employee’s pension represents financial security. We have the experience and knowledge to design comprehensive pension agreements that both safeguard the interests of employees and the organisation itself.

Together with our clients we create sound, long-term contracts that provide the business with leeway, predictability and security.


We provide advisory services in connection with company pensions, defined contribution pensions, mandatory occupational pensions, early retirement pensions, public pensions, pension schemes funded through operations, annuities and individual pension agreements.

These services include:


We have followed the legislative processes related to new pension legislation closely and have also published a book on mandatory occupational pension, Obligatorisk tjenestepensjon, Pensjon til alle (Mandatory occupational pension – pension for all) (2006) in collaboration with Universitetsforlaget (University Press).

Our partner, Sven I. Steen was previously CEO of the Joint Scheme for Early Retirement (AFP), the Severance Pay Scheme and the Joint Office for LO/NHO pension schemes.

Ingeborg Moen Borgerud is another well-known partner with a pension law emphasis.

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