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Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment

We make it easier for businesses in the life science sector to supply their products to the Norwegian market.

We are your legal affairs and strategic partner, whether you are a young start-up or a well-established national or international corporation. We provide assistance to all branches of the life science sector, and offer a complete advisory service tailored to your particular company.

The legislation covering the food and pharmaceuticals industries is exhaustive, complex and international. Our clients engage us to help them handle regulatory issues in connection with pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. They also draw on the firm’s strong position in specific legal areas, such as public procurement, competition law, marketing law, company law and contract law. Our input makes it easier for you to manage your operations, and helps you bring your products to market smoothly and efficiently.

We can help you through all stages in the negotiation process, both with public authorities and private enterprises, such as wholesalers and retailers. This includes all types of contracts, including supply and quality agreements, licensing agreements, discount agreements, etc.

Regulatory issues relating to life science and healthcare

A number of legal issues arise when a firm wants to launch a pharmaceutical product or piece of medical equipment onto the market. Our clients frequently need advice in connection with clinical testing, labelling, pricing, marketing, import/export licences, manufacturing and wholesaling. Biotechnology also involves a whole host of additional challenges.

We bring clarity to complex cases by engaging in a productive dialogue with public agencies on matters relating to licensing, supervision and reporting, etc.

Core competence on public procurement and competition law

The vast majority of life science and healthcare companies wishing to sell their products in Norway do so through public tender processes. We have a large team of public procurement specialists who will help your company win more tenders. A number of our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical equipment sectors, in addition to their public procurement expertise.

Many of those engaged in this business sector encounter problems relating to competition law. Examples include specific difficulties with pricing models, parallel export or distribution contracts. In addition, our lawyers are highly skilled in dealing with reportable business combinations.

IP protection and management strategy

Firms in the life science and healthcare sector often possess assets whose substantial value depends on them being safeguarded through the necessary legal protections. Your head start over the competition provided by an innovative product or a new type of production method will quickly disappear if your competitors are free to copy your solution. And a strong trademark or design can lose much of its value if competitors start making cheap imitations. Defending your position in the rights jungle requires a conscious IP strategy that is tailored to your company. Steps must be taken to ensure the necessary confidentiality, agreements with partners and employees must ensure the clear and correct allocation of rights, and patents, trademarks and designs must be registered. Our lawyers are experts in the field of IP strategy and rights management, and can help you optimise the value of your company’s intangible assets.

Value creation for businesses of all sizes

With experience from the entire value chain, we know the legal challenges that face you today – and that you will encounter tomorrow. Close collaboration is the precondition for a successful outcome.

In addition to advising a number of large, international enterprises, we are also frequently called on to assist sector start-ups with strategic guidance and legal advice on the formalities of incorporation, applications for public grants, clinical testing, CE labelling, marketing licences and all the steps necessary to sell a product in the market. 


Partners and lawyers: Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment