Anny Bjornes


Anny Bjornes

Bjornes works with employment law. She wrote her master's thesis in labor law entitled "Employee rights in the event of a business transfer".

Anny wrote her master's thesis within employment law on the subject of employee rights in the event of a business transfer, and started as an associate in labour law department at Arntzen de Besche in January 2022. She works on various types of issues within individual and collective employment law, where she assists employers and employees with counselling, investigations, memos and dispute resolution in connection with employment and company law. Anny has experience with counselling related to, among other things, working hours, temporary employment and hiring, transactions, termination and dismissal, collective wage law issues and dispute resolution.

Bjornes also works at our M&A department where she assists with transactions, company law, capital markets and general contract law. She assists Norwegian and international clients with acquisition and divestment of businesses, restructurings and capital market transactions.


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