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Cookies and personal data

About visiting websites

Web statitistics are used to evaluate information on the visitors' use of the website. The purpose is for optimizing the website. The user can set up the Web browser to not accept cookies, and eventually delete existing cookies. Please confirm the user manual of the actual browser for more information.

Information cookies

AdeB uses cookies for analyzing general user patterns on adeb.no. A cookie – may be defined as ”a limited amount of data which a web browser receives from websites visited by the user and which is stored as a file on the user's hard disk”. A cookie may contain information registered by the user on the site, such as user name and password in an encrypted format, which is then submitted to the website upon subsequent visits. In this way the information need only be registered once. Web publications often use information cookies to collect information about the visitors to the website, and a visit to a website will often entail collection of several cookies, some to the publication itself and others to the advertisers on the website. 

Analysis tool for web statistics

In accordance with normal practice on the Internet, the user's IP address will be registered by the website adeb.no. AdeB uses the analysis tool Google Analytics to collect and evaluate information on the visitors' use of the website. Google Analytics uses information cookies. AdeB decides which information may be obtained by Google regarding use of the website. Google Analytics only receives general web statistics, such as type of web browser, time, language and which website the user arrives from. This will make it possible for the analysis tool to estimate the geographical location of the user, but the address cannot be used to identify the individual user. The information received is handled in accordance with Google's guidelines for protection of privacy.

Following cookies are parts of our website:

Google Analytics third-party cookies: