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Competence development

As a law firm with big ambitions, we recruit the best candidates. And we make sure all the great people who work for us have the opportunity to develop themselves and experience success.

We are looking for people who are eager to learn. As a proud knowledge company, we develop our in-house competence in a planned and systematic manner. Competition is tough, and customers go where the expertise is. So we invest heavily in our staff. That is the only way to ensure we will always be in a position to deliver top quality legal services.

At Arntzen de Besche, we expect all our staff to perform to the peak of their ability – always. In return we offer excellent career and development opportunities.

Learning and development are integral parts of everyday life at our firm. It’s easy to talk to colleagues and help is always close at hand. We believe that having experienced staff work closely with new employees is extremely beneficial for all concerned.

We encourage the exchange and sharing of knowledge across the organisation.


The AdeB Academy

The AdeB Academy provides ongoing training and development for all our employees. Courses, workshops, exchanging experience and knowledge sharing are top priorities.

We offer a broad range of topics. One week we review the latest developments in European law, the next week we have refresher training on modern legal English.

We bring in experts from both our own ranks and from other institutions, to ensure highly qualified and motivated employees at all levels.

Our focus on competence development benefits all our customers.

If you have any questions about the AdeB Academy, please contact our Knowledge Manager Hanne E. Strømø

Career path for our lawyers 


When you join us as associate, you will be associated to one of our business areas. In many cases, you will work in a team along with a partner and other lawyers. We can promise you a steep learning curve and excellent professional development. Our goal is for you to obtain your licence to practise in a couple of years.

Senior Associate

As an senior associate, you will be given more challenging tasks and greater responsibility, including the opportunity to act as lead lawyer on cases. You will be an important contributor to your team’s success. From the position of senior associate, you will be eligible for promotion to senior lawyer.

Senior Lawyer

As senior lawyer, you will work closely with customers and will be in overall charge of large, complex cases. You will also manage other staff, and play a larger role in the firm’s efforts to recruit customers.In recent years, many of Arntzen de Besche's senior lawyers have become partners in the firm.