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Working environment in Arntzen de Besche

We work hard to create an environment of openness and diversity. We arrange many social events that increase job satisfaction and generate positivity. We have an informal tone, combined with wide-ranging, and in-depth professional skills. We are proud of our working environment.

Teamwork and flexibility result in a good work/life balance.

We work on large and demanding cases, where everyone expects high quality work to be delivered, no matter how short the deadline. Teamwork and flexibility allow everyone to participate in challenging cases – no matter what their personal situation may be. The way we work allows you room to pursue your hobbies and enjoy your family life in combination with interesting and stimulating work. Because we want our lawyers to prosper in all areas of their lives, we enable you to adapt your working situation so that you can combine a successful career with a happy family life.


Everyone who joins the firm is allocated a mentor. Your mentor will help you become part of the firm – both professionally and socially. He or she will show you around, explaining how things work and introducing you to everyone.

We measure job satisfaction

Every year, we measure our employees’ level of job satisfaction. Staff surveys help us understand what we’re doing right – and how we can improve.