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International focus

The pace of globalisation and technological development is steadily increasing. The ability to provide advice that safeguards and enhances the value of assets depends increasingly on knowledge of changing market conditions and regulations, business networks and experience from various jurisdictions.

A substantial part of our work is international. Every day, we advise non-Norwegian companies on matters concerning business operations in Norway, and Norwegian companies with business operations abroad. Over a great many years, we have established excellent relations with recognized law firms in almost all the countries with which Norway does business. In this way, our clients are ensured access to the best competence. 

We have a dedicated team of lawyers with experience internationally who coordinate the work with our international relations.

We assist international businesses, organizations and government authorities in large parts of the world, particularly in connection with transactions and the petroleum sector. We have led international negotiations in conflict-hit regions, participated in the implementation of some of the largest transactions on the Norwegian continental shelf and assisted in drawing up complex agreements between government authorities and private companies. 

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