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IAM Patent 2020

Resultatene i IP-rankingen IAM er publisert. Kåringen tar for seg de beste advokatfirmaene innenfor patentrett. Arntzen de Besche er rangert i Tier 3 i kategorien litigation and transactions.

IAM rangerer også advokater individuelt. Andreas Nordby er rangert i kategoriene litigation og transactions, og Tommy Dahlen er rangert i kategorien transactions. 

Arntzen de Besche omtales på følgende måte: 

“Arntzen de Besche maintains a razor-sharp focus on oil and gas and life sciences, and is always alive to the wider commercial realities – an approach that is reflected in the output of Andreas Nordby. The former higher executive officer of the Legislation Department at the Norwegian Ministry of Justice has an intimate knowledge of national laws and proceedings (…). The set’s transactional prowess was bolstered when Tommy Dahlen came back on board after a year in-house at oil production company OKEA. “Dahlen is extremely valuable as an adviser due to his understanding of technology and his ability to simplify processes into strategies that secure momentum. He always looks to add value and find creative solutions that bring about successful outcomes in a swift and efficient way.”