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Arntzen de Besche launches digital platform for transaction management and interaction with customers

As one of the first Norwegian law firms, we at Arntzen de Besche (starting with our banking and finance group) have started applying the legal transaction management software Workshare Transact.

This allows us to convert our previously manual deal checklists into an online workspace where we (and, as appropriate, our customers and counterparties) can better monitor status on documents and transactions, easily provide up-to-date checklists and quickly prepare a bible of documents when the deal is closed.

We are not yet turning into robots, but will remain thinking humans trying to find good and commercial solutions to the benefit of our customers. However, this software will help us in being even more organized and efficient, assisting us in providing cost efficient services adjusted to the modern environment which we have only seen the beginning of.

We so far have around 7 ongoing deals where we are using this software and our experience so far is very good. We look forward to developing our use further together with our customers.